The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia held her traditional briefing

"It is natural that the major concern and challenge for the President and the Government of Georgia is still those inflation processes that disturb the whole world and among them Georgia", the Spokesperson for the President of Georgia stated at her traditional briefing and stressed her attention on the importance of a discussion that was held between the President and Parliamentarian majority.

"During this meeting once again it was underlined about those steps that are made by the Georgian government to minimize those challenging and hard processes that are caused by the inflation. As it is known, certain actions that have been already carried out. Distribution of electricity vouchers continues throughout the whole country. 89 percent have already been distributed at this very moment, also the printing and distribution process of additional vouchers continue. As far as you are concerned this was caused due to some misunderstanding, however the process of electricity vouchers will end by March 15, date envisaged by timeline. 941 thousand 634 vouchers were printed in total, 840 have been distributed already. I would like to share additional information with you. 5000 vouchers have been handed over within the solidarity action initiated by the President of Georgia. It means that several thousand persons received 40 GEL aid. This process is not over yet and all of you can join this action", the Spokesperson noted and added that the distribution of food vouchers will start from March 10 simultaneously to the distribution of electricity vouchers.

As Manana Manjgaladze said the State continues working on anti-crises program. The aid to the population is not limited to the distribution of electricity and food vouchers and these projects would become familiar to the population in the nearest future.

"The government realizes very well that one-off social aids wouldn't solve the problem and more global works have to be carried out. First of all it envisages new jobs and employment. It is also necessary to carry out long-term economic development projects. Exactly during such a critical period the activation of such projects, as EZR is very important. It concerns a newly opened EZR at Poti free industrial zone territory, where 250 people found stable jobs and stable income. Mainly local population is employed at Poti EZR, however the major aim and objective of this center is support of business and decreasing of that pressure that existed between the state and business", Manana Manjgaladze stated.

The Spokesperson spoke about visa regime simplification between Georgia and EU that becomes affective from March 1. As she referred this fact has political importance for Georgia and the population will have quite big benefits.

"Simplified processes make the travel of certain categories of population pretty easy. Among them are you - my colleagues, journalists; students will get students' visas in more simple way; also businessmen and representatives of scientific circles. Besides this the amount of visa fee will decrease. So, starting from today the procedures for our citizens traveling in EU countries will get more simple and it could be said that this is an important step forward in the direction towards getting closer to EU", the spokesperson stated.

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