The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia held a briefing

The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia MananaManjgaladze held a briefing, where she informed the representatives of media and public about the project prepared by "First Information Channel Caucasian" - "the President answers people's questions". As she said, above-mentioned channel will start broadcasting on January 25 and by the initiative of channel their very first guest will be the President of Georgia. As the Spokesperson noted, the program will be broadcasted on January 25, 18.00.

"This is pretty wide-scale project. The whole Georgian population will be involved in it. By our information, people from different regions will ask questions to the President - these questions will be about all interesting and problematic issues for them. The project is interactive and each of you has a chance to send a question to the President on the following website - . At the same time, all of you will be given a chance to call the number 402 402 and address MikheilSaakashvili with an interesting question. The press center will operate the whole day starting from today and tomorrow during the project. The representatives of various spheres are involved in the project together with Georgian population and you, the journalists have a chance to participate in project, the printed as well as electric and internet media.

The President of Georgia expressed his wish after the "First Informational Channel Caucasian's" initiative to involve regional media in this project as well, in order not to make it project local only and to give a chance to the national channels and publishing houses operating in the capital", MananaManjgaladze stated. 

The Spokesperson also touched last weeks events and actual issues, among them the visit of the President of Georgia in the Republic of Armenia, where high-level bilateral meetings were held.

"Very special relationship between our countries was once again proved during these meetings. The visit was very important and interesting, first of all deriving from its new priorities. The relationship in educational sphere started between Georgia and Armenia must be pointed out - example of it was the first Youth Olympiad that was held in Yerevan and will be held in Tbilisi in future as well. New generations are connected not only by political, but at the same time by social-cultural-educational ties as well. Sides discussed practically all issues and it is natural that only those issues that are sufficient to interests of both countries. This specially concerns trade and economic issues and simplification of traffic at boarders, development of new regime in this regards and bilateral investments", the Spokesperson noted.

One more issue that MananaManjgaladze stressed her attention was a blast that took place at Tkibuli mine.

"Unfortunately, a live of one person was sacrificed during this blast. You are informed about the position of the President on this matter, but I would like to add that detailed investigation goes on and it will answer those questions that appeared after this fact", Manjgaladze added.

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