Manana Manjgaladze Familiarized Journalist with the Consideration of the Administration of the President of Georgia About the Meeting Held in Washington DC

The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze familiarized representatives of the Press and Media at a briefing with the consideration of the Administration of the President of Georgia about the meeting held yesterday in Washington DC. Namely, she noted that the Administration of the President deems it reasonable to respond to the Summary Meeting held within the frame of the Strategic Partnership Charter and the considerations expressed. The Spokesperson stressed her attention on those important accents that were made at the State Department.            

"We want to thank American as well as Georgian delegations that did very active, laborious and fruitful job during past months. The special gratitude, naturally, to Mrs State Secretary. From the very beginning we want to note that this statement was full with idea of full support to Georgia. First of all this is the support to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of Georgian borders, as the fundamental principle of Georgian-American relations. The Government of the United States declares full support to the strategy that the Government of Georgia prepared for the occupied territories. The United States expressed their full readiness and desire to be involved into the process of the implementation. It was stressed that the United States summon Russia to stop occupation of the territories of Georgia, withdraw military units from the occupied territories and fulfill the obligations under the Ceasefire Agreement of August,  2008. To make it more accurate, the State Secretary clearly stated - the United States are obliged to take part in the process of deoccupation. Also there was expressed full support to integration of Georgia in the Euro-Atlantic structures. Attention was paid to the Georgian-American cooperation in the areas of defense and security. You will agree that such a support is important for our country before NATO Summit to be held in Lisbon, November 19-20.      

"The State Secretary specially thanked Georgia for cooperation, namely for participation in the ISAF Program in Afghanistan. Hilary Clinton also thanked Georgians for their contribution. The State secretary expressed grief for killed Georgian soldiers and sympathy not only to their families but to whole Georgia", - stated the Spokesperson for the President.

As she has noted, of great importance were considerations of Hilary Clinton about the success, achieved during the past years that mainly was connected with the internal political situation and democratic development. The State Secretary broadly reviewed issues of enhancement and development of democratic institutions: "All the more so Georgian-American relations are based on such fundamental principles, like democratic values and mutual interests in this direction. It was said that the Georgian-American Charter on Strategic Partnership signed in 2009, gives possibility to work on the issues of democratic development and security in Georgia". 

According to Manjgaladze, the full readiness was expressed from American side to continue work in this direction. Attention was paid to the issues of importance of honest elections and enhancement of the civil society.  

"America supports those democratic reforms that were performed in Georgia during the past 7 years. From this point of view, of special importance were the local elections that, as the State secretary said, were a huge step towards democracy. Importance of the Constitutional reform was stressed. Desire was expressed from the American side for the Parliament of Georgia to continue working at the package of the Constitutional reform and the Government of the United States will be involved in this process. In addition, there was a talk about economic reforms going on in Georgia. The State Secretary noted that these reforms are directed towards improvement of business climate and increasing the number of investments. Importance of the unified tax and customs Code was noted as well. The USA fully supports the fight against corruption started in Georgia    

"It was said that these very reforms turned Georgia into the kind of a model and it is an actual example for many countries. That is why Hilary Clinton directly summoned American businessmen to join the processes going on here more actively, invest more in Georgia and perform more projects.      

"Serious attention was paid to the Transport and Energy Project as well. By the statement of the American side the projects like Agri and Nabucco are very important.  

"Consideration was expressed about the reforms going on in the area of education. The State Secretary mentioned the Program "Learn and Teach with Georgia".   

"During the discussion once again was mentioned the initiative that is connected with establishment of the new contemporary level technological university in Batumi", - stated Manana Manjgaladze.   

At the end the Spokesperson, in the name of the President, expressed gratitude to the Government of the United States, State Department and personally to the State Secretary - Hilary Clinton for the support once more expressed at the meeting at the State Department in Washington DC yesterday. 

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