The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze Summed Up the Visit of the President to the United States

The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze held a briefing on which she summed up the visit of the President of Georgia to the United States. She noted that last week was very important and interesting week for Georgia. Besides his speech delivered at UN General Assembly, President's agenda was pretty busy with various meetings. He met State Secretary Hillary Clinton, the Presidents of Finland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Senegal, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia and Honduras, the Foreign Minister of Great Britain; European Commissars, businessmen and other officials.

"The negotiations that President of Georgia held with the representatives of business circles are not less important than political meetings. The meeting with the CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Daniel Yohannes was of great importance. The ongoing and accomplished works within the frames of the Millennium Challenge Program in Georgia was discussed and the future plans identified during the meeting. The statement was made in New York that it is planned to open modern Technical University in Batumi that will satisfy the international requirements and standards. This is a very serious statement from the Georgian side. The above-mentioned University will be important not only for Georgia, but for the development of whole region as well", the Spokesperson noted.

Manana Manjgaladze stressed her attention to the meeting between Mikheil Saakashvili and American billionaire Donald Trump. American businessman is going to invest money in Tbilisi and Batumi. This issue is already solved, the working process has started and Georgia will be the first Eastern European country, where Trump is going to invest money and realize business projects.

"I would like to remind you that the first meeting with Donald Trump was held this spring. In June his representative came to Georgia and a statement on decision was made in September. For business projects and in general for new businesses this is very short period of time", she stated.

Manana Manjgaladze spoke about the upcoming visits to Tbilisi from the end of this month. "The visit of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is planned on September 30. This is his first visit to Georgia and he will stay in Tbilisi for two days. The negotiations on the highest level are planned with the President of Georgia, the Chairman of the Parliament, Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Euro-Atlantic liaison office is opening in Tbilisi and the Secretary General will participate in this event. The subject of negotiations will be interesting enough, because NATO continues cooperation with Georgia and supports its integration into Euro-Atlantic Alliance. NATO and International Commonwealth envisage political background related to Russia as well. It is said very clearly: reload will not happen on Georgia's issue", the Spokesperson stated.

Besides this Manana Manjgaladze spoke about Millennium Challenge project that envisages the construction and rehabilitation of roads in Georgia and assists Georgia with significant amounts of money. "Here I would like to discuss with you one more project - this is part of the World Bank's project that has finished partially. This is Gombori road project that was planned to finish by next year. The project is already finished and according to the evaluation of World Bank experts adheres to all the standards. Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi road is 55 km long and the cost was 43 million GEL. It was accomplished by World Bank and State money. Two new bridge-roads were constructed together with this road as well and seven bridge-roads were fully rehabilitated. And what's most important time between Tbilisi and Telavi will be reduced twice as the result of this new road", the Spokesperson stated.    

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