The President of Georgia decorated Mikheil Makharadze with the Presidential Order of Excellence

Mikheil Saakashvili awarded a member of Parliament of Georgia, Mikheil Makharadze with the highest state decoration – Presidential Order of Excellence. During his address, the President once again focused attention on his contribution in the rehabilitation process of the country while thanking him.

“I would like to thank Mr. Misha, not only because what he is doing today, because he is a person who learned each profession well, and practically learned from scratch while remaining an effective and honest patriot at all times.

Mr. Misha was a scientist for a long period of time. He has been working at the Philosophy Institute since 1970, and he is truly a great philosopher – one of the greatest Georgian philosophers. He was later one of the founders of politics. I remember well his publicist work in the 80s, his parliamentary work in the 90s, his fight with the provincial dictatorship that we had in Adjara… For me this person was a symbol the attitude and standard of a non-conformist person in the 90s epoch.

Mr. Misha, I know that you have received state decorations before, but I would like to thank you once again and give you one of the highest state decorations - the Order of Excellence for your scientific work and your leadership in the toughest time for the Adjara Supreme Council as well as for today’s very interesting work and for standing by the side of the country and your patriotism” – stated the President of Georgia.

In his turn Mikheil Makharadze noted that the highest state decoration is a lot more motivation for actively working to bring an honorable future of the country.


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