Healthy Life Style Initiative

"Don't Worry, Be Healthy!" in Chiatura

On November 10, 2011, an inter-school competition event was held at the Lyceum School “Nilemi” in Chiatura. The event was held as part of Georgia’s First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs’, Healthy Lifestyle Initiative “Don’t Worry, Be Healthy!”

During the one hour program, pupils spoke about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, read poems, sang together and later on moved to the sport yard, where the inter-school sport and game competition was held.

64 pupils participated in this competition which was kindly supported by the Rustavi 2 Television Broadcasting Company and the television program “Gundi”. Of all four teams that participated, the winning team was awarded a special prize by the First Lady of Georgia.

Nika and Nutsa, the First Lady’s Healthy Lifestyle Initiative puppet-characters, took part in the sports game along with participants in the sports game. This event was aimed to raise public awareness about the importance of physical activity, education and sport. 

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