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AAs tourism develops in Georgia, the number of hotels is increasing. The highest class hotels of famous brands that absolutely satisfy international standards are being built in Georgia. Aside from these, there are also family style hotels with all of the amenities for a quiet and comfortable stay.

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It is possible to travel to Georgia by an air, automobile or railway. For people who are planning to travel around Europe and Asia, Georgia is an ideal place to start from, considering the historical Silk Road and a unique Geographic location.

Flights to Georgia from various countries of Europe take three to five hours.



There are two international airports in Georgia, in Tbilisi and Batumi. Very soon they will be joined by a new airport in Poti. The construction of one more new airport in Kutaisi is also under consideration.

The Tbilisi International Airport serves many different airlines. There are direct flights to Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates and Czech Republic. "Air Baltic", "Czech Airlines", "Pegasus", UAI and Polish Lot Airlines successfully cooperate with the Georgian side.

The Batumi Airport has flights to Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine. The flights from Batumi to Turkey and from Turkey to Batumi are affordable for everyone.

Currently active Airlines in Georgia:

  • Georgia Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Belavia
  • BMI
  • Ukrainian International Airlines
  • Aerosvit
  • Azal Airlines
  • Air Baltic
  • Czech Airlines
  • Scat
  • Discovery representative of Donbas aero
  • Air Batumi
  • Arkia
  • Sky Georgia
  • Pegasus
  • Travel Time
  • Lot Polish Airlines

The highway

Highways of Georgia connect the country with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. While travelling by a car or a bicycle, people often take time to explore the historical Silk Road. In order to be able to drive on the territory of Georgia, drivers should have a valid driver's license, car insurance and documents proving ownership of the automobile they are driving. Persons travelling by bicycle are not required to have a driver's license. There are no additional fees for entering Georgia by a car. However, certain documentation needs to be filled out while crossing the border.


Guests arrive in Tbilisi by bus from Greece, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan every day.

A bus usually takes 4-6 hours to travel from Armenia to Georgia. (Busses leave for Georgia from Yerevan, Vanadzor, Stepanavan, Gyumri, Artik and Spitak)

Several busses leave Baku, Azerbaijan from 7:30 to 15:00 every day and take 8-10 hours to arrive in Georgia.

Turkey also provides bus trips to Georgia every day. A bus trip from Istanbul to Georgia takes up to 34 hours and from Trabzon up to 12 hours.

Several busses per week leave Greece for Georgia. The schedule and prices vary at the Greek bus stations.

The Tbilisi International Bus Station is located in Ortachala.


Travelling to Georgia by railway is possible from Azerbaijan and Armenia. Trains arrive at the Tbilisi Railway Central Station, around Vagzali Square. Trains from Baku to Georgia cost around 40-50 USD. For additional information please and


Ferries carrying passengers constantly sail around seaports of Poti and Batumi. Travelling by sea is possible between Georgia and Ukraine. For additional information please visit or

Ferries connect the Poti Seaport with Ukrainian seaports, Illichevsk and Odessa. Travelling to and from Ukraine by a ferry is possible every Tuesday. For additional information please

Aside from the above-mentioned ferries, various cruise boats and unscheduled ferries arrive at the seaports of Poti and Batumi. Please visit the following websites for details;

Transportation within the country

Automobile Roads

Georgia is a small country, which makes travelling by public transport very simple. Travelling from Tbilisi to any destination in Georgia is possible by public transport every day. Busses leave from the Didube Station every hour; however there are also unscheduled busses. There are also mini busses leaving for the Kakheti region from the Isani Station. Ortachala station mainly serves international arrivals and departures.


Trains are cheaper than other types of transportation in Georgia. Also, the trips are more enjoyable because one can explore the countryside while travelling by train. Train tickets can be purchased 40 days prior to departure at train station cash desks and 15 days prior to departure online, as well as by "Instant pay machines." While buying a train ticket, one must present an ID card. Trains leave the Tbilisi Central Station for every local and several international destinations each day.

While travelling by train it is possible to purchase bed sheets.

For additional information please visit


Several airlines provide flights by airplanes and helicopters on the territory of Georgia. There are regular flights from Tbilisi to Batumi and Mestia.

In Tbilisi

Public Transport

It is pleasant to walk in the streets of Tbilisi, but impossible to walk around the entire city. Public transport, including busses, mini busses and the subway is quite affordable. The fares can be paid with special cards, which make travelling more convenient. The fees become cheaper after each new trip during the day.

The subway works from 6:00 am till midnight and transports approximately 3000 persons every day.


There is a large number of Taxis in Tbilisi. Travelling around the city center by a taxi costs 3-5 GEL. The fare from the airport to the center is 20-25 GEL. Taxi companies make life easier because one call is enough to get a taxi anywhere in Tbilisi, including the suburbs. There are a lot of Taxi companies in Tbilisi and they even offer fair prices for travelling to the other parts of Georgia.

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