Georgia in World Media

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili responded to the questions of CNN 

Mikheil Saakashvili was a guest of one of the most popular TV shows "American Morning" at CNN.

Journalist: "Your relations with Russia are still tense, what about your country today?"

Mikheil Saakashvili: "On the one hand Russia continues the occupation of two regions in Georgia and this is the reason why there are almost half a million IDPs in our country.

On the other hand in spite of the Russian aggression Georgian economy stands firm. According to the International Organizations we are one of the most progressive countries.

Georgia has won peace, it is true we haven't won the struggle with Russia, but you know, Russia is five times bigger than Georgia.

It has more armament, more soldiers, more weapons. We are a very small country we need peace. We need peace with neighbors and no confrontation. Our country has an ambition to be absolutely free. Our people love freedom.

Journalist: "I want to ask you about European Commission's report that is about last year. German editions write that Georgia is blamed for starting war with Russia. What is your reaction?"

"I don't think anyone considers it seriously, what these newspapers write, because everyone knows what happened there. Those people who were there are sure that we are write and there were a lot of serious people there, who are familiar with the details of the last year's conflict. We are a very small country, Russia is huge, we are not suicides to start a war with the country like Russia. It is a fact that a big country destroys a small country.

Let's look at all this from the other perspectives. Who stands with Russia? - Chaves. He needs a Russian military assistance against America. Russia believes that this step is taken against the US. At the same time leading European press publish a letter signed by Havel and many other influential European politicians, where they obviously express their support to Georgia and its territorial integrity. There is Chavez on one side and Havel on the other side. I think we must see the difference.

Journalist: "Mr. President, do you think that Washington is taking concrete political steps in order to manage relations between Georgia and Russia?"

Mikheil Saakashvili: No one wishes to tense the situation around the world. We have spoken about it with Hilary Clinton, she has a very clear cut attitude towards Georgia. President Obama's visit in Russia is a prove of this. Obama spoke about right attitudes. He did a brilliant job. As the result of this job there was no Russian aggression in Georgia this summer. Of course the relations between two big countries are very important, but the vision of this administration is obvious and clear. There are some talks about shifting anti-missile system from one country to another. Russian federation uses it for the propaganda, as though they won and reached what they wished in connection with East Europe. It is not true."

Journalist: "Do you think that Obama's administration made a wrong decision on shifting anti-missile system to another country?"

Mikheil Saakashvili: "I think that we analyze the decision of this administration well. In my opinion this is a better plan. Of course they envisage future threats. We achieved an important diplomatic victory in the UN regarding IDP's return.

US support us. I do not have any fright about possible disappearance of this support. In this regard the meeting with Hilary Clinton war really perfect.

There are people who try to attract other partners. You can deceive several people for some time, but not everyone and eternally.

I think that Russian propaganda will be defeated finally. We have different values that prove that there is Havel on one side and Chaves on the other.

It is true that Georgia is a small country, but we have a great transit potential. Georgia has a great, symbolic mission.

Georgia is a career of the ideas of freedom and democracy. We still have a lot to do that we will absolutely reach our aim".

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